Some iPhone SE parts are replaceable with iPhone 8 parts



IFixit – Mobile Dismantling Specialist – Report Initially for a phone (iPhone SE) Indicates the possibility of replacing some of the internal parts with parts used in (iPhone 8), which shows how willing Apple is to reuse the design and the existing parts to reduce the price of its less expensive smartphone.
He used a phone (iPhone SENewly released several design elements for previous iPhones before (iPhone X), including the use of (Touch ID) instead of (Face ID).
As with the original version, Apple resorted to this in order to reduce the total cost of the model, as well as to continue to use an existing list of familiar parts, which was proven through the new dismantling process.
The iFixit report revealed that there are many components within the iPhone SE that can be easily replaced, and although this does not extend to elements on the motherboard, such as the A13 processor, it covers other elements that can be separated more easily.
IPhone SE cameras can be replaced with cameras used in the iPhone 8 without a problem, in addition to a SIM tray, Taptic drive, screen drive, microphone and proximity sensor.

IPhone SE is also believed to be the least expensive when replaced compared to all iPhone screens released in recent years, although True Tone can be supported, unless the repairer has access to screen programming software.

The report pointed out that the (Home) button for the iPhone SE cannot be replaced with the (Home) button for the iPhone 8, nor can the battery be replaced because it uses a different connector than its iPhone 8 counterpart.

Although the iPhone 11 battery uses the same connector, the iPhone 11 battery cannot be used in the iPhone SE, and the original iPhone SE battery cannot be replaced with another battery without the warning saying: “Not an original Apple battery”.


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