Snapchat allows publishing stories to external applications


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A year ago from now, Snapchat reviewed a feature called App Stories, which allowed applications to publish stories that are created within Snapchat, to appear in those external applications.

Initially, Snapchat will only support four applications: Triller, Squad, Hily, and Octi, and the company says it will support more applications later without setting a time frame.

In this case, Snapchat users who use the App Stories feature can link their accounts from those applications with a Snapchat account and publish on those applications directly from within Snapchat.

Stories will appear in those applications similar to what appears in Snapchat in terms of face filters and drawing on photos, videos, etc., and Snapchat supports allowing stories to remain for up to 7 days, instead of the usual 24 hours.

Snapchat takes advantage of this feature because it will allow its content to be popular and popular applications, especially in the areas of music and celebrities, even group calls, dating and augmented reality, thus helping it to increase the number of its active users.

Source: Technology World


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