Smart and electronic services platforms in the Dubai Financial Market recorded a rise of 137% in the number of transactions completed since the commencement of work remotely


01 04 2020

55% increase in the number of new users of electronic services to the market during the second half of March Maryam Fikry: “120 thousand users of electronic services and the application of smart phones, and there is a growing awareness by investors of its effective role in completing their transactions and following up their investments in the market.”

Dubai, April 1, 2020: The Dubai Financial Market announced today that its multiple platforms for electronic services and smartphone applications have recorded an increasing demand by investors during the past two weeks since the start of the remote application and the closure of customer service offices in mid-March 2020.

The market pointed to the increase in the number of transactions completed through the electronic services page for investors on the website as well as through the application of smart phones by 137% during the second half of March and after the start of the remote work system compared to the number of transactions completed in the first half of the same month before closing offices Customer Service, bringing the number of transactions to 1212 transactions against 511 transactions.

In the same context, the number of new registrants in the electronic services of the Dubai Financial Market increased by 55% during the second half of March compared to the first half, as their number during the second half reached 664 new users compared to 429 users. The list of the five services most requested by customers included: issuing the investor number, cash dividends, updating data, registering in electronic services, and issuing account statements.

Maryam Fikry, CEO of Dubai Clearing and Depository Holding Company, which is involved in after-trading services in the market, said: “The smoothness of completing transactions in the Dubai Financial Market and the great interaction by investors reflect the integration of our smart and electronic platforms developed by the market to provide the highest levels of service and the most effective, as it reflects Also, the success of the awareness campaigns organized by the market over the past years to urge customers to shift towards those services in a way that facilitates them to complete their transactions whenever they want and wherever they are. Undoubtedly, the early market’s keenness to invest in smart services and make sure it is ready Its complete oil has long since paid off and has proven to be very effective at this stage that requires remote work and closing customer service offices in the interest of the public health of all customers and employees. ”

Maryam Fikry indicated that the Dubai Financial Market provides all its services through electronic platforms, and the number of users registered in the electronic and smart services for the market is currently estimated at about 120 thousand users who are already completing their transactions and following up their investment activities with the highest levels of smoothness, effectiveness and safety, by submitting their requests and following them electronically through the services Dubai Financial Market Online by downloading the Smart Services application for the Dubai Financial Market or through the website

These platforms provide a variety of services, including issuing the investor number, updating data, monitoring account statements, dividend distribution services and iVESTOR card, smart voting during general assemblies, and others. The market is keen to periodically implement extensive awareness campaigns, whether by communicating with investors through text messages and e-mail, or through the website of the market and the media with the aim of introducing the services provided by its electronic platforms and smart phone applications and urging greater numbers of investors to benefit from them.

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About the Dubai Financial Market Company: The Dubai Financial Market Company became a public joint stock company after the process of offering 1.6 billion shares worth one dirham per share in an initial subscription on November 12, 2006, and the percentage offered for subscription represents 20% of the total paid-up capital to the market of 8 billion dirhams . The Dubai government owns 80% of the company’s capital after it is offered for public subscription, and the government represents in this share the Dubai Borse Company Limited. The Dubai Financial Market Company was listed on the market on March 7, 2007 with the DFM trading symbol. The Dubai Financial Market is considered the first financial market compatible with Islamic law at the global level since 2007, and it is considered a secondary market for trading of securities issued by public shareholding companies, bonds issued by the federal government, or any of the local governments, public bodies and institutions in the state as well as investment units Issued by local investment funds, or any other local or non-local financial instruments acceptable to the market. The market was opened on March 26, 2000.

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