Small teams are threatened by the absence of the Formula One launch


London – Red Bull manager Christian Horner said that the possibility of some teams being absent from the Formula One World Championship race streak due to the financial consequences associated with the emerging Corona virus, would constitute a “huge blow” to the sport, forcing championship owners to come up with a rescue plan to avoid a scenario of this type.

The new season was supposed to start on 15 March from the Australian Albert Park circuit, in which drivers and teams resolved, but the parties concerned found themselves obliged to cancel the race after the McLaren team decided to withdraw due to the infection of one of its employees with the “Covid-19” virus.

This was the beginning of the chaos in the calendar of the new season, after which the races of China, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Spain and Canada were postponed, and the Monaco race was also canceled in light of the expansion of the virus outbreak and the number of victims that it has harvested so far in the whole world.

According to the initial calendar, the French race became the first on the schedule on June 28 at the Paul Ricard circuit, but after French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to extend the stone until May 11 and ban all public gatherings until mid-July, a spokesman for the Grand Prize in France revealed “The organizers are studying” all scenarios, “including postponement or staging the race without an audience,” he told AFP.

The fate of the Belgium Prize, set for August 30, has also become suspended, and in the face of several scenarios, according to the organizers, following the government’s decision Wednesday to ban gatherings until 31 of the month in question.


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