Similar to Syrian Haifa Wehbe Obsessed with a Distorted Hand – Picture


Obsessed with the Lebanese star, Haifa Wehbe, Syrian Rola Mansour, published a new photo, enclosed with a comment that said:

(If you can transform crises into positive energy for you and others, you will be a strong-willed person We hope to interrupt these days when we are going through good and safety. I am For my part, I am very happy with the house and discovered that I am sweet all the time eating, sleeping, sporting and songs And you ?!

Haifa Wehbe with a Syrian copy – Photo

But Rola presented herself with great irony, as her face looked grotesque, and her hand appeared large and disfigured and similar to the man’s hand, not by the hand of the Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe, and after the sarcastic comments from her Rola said that the photo was spontaneous.

As for the original Haifa Wehbe, she takes advantage of the period of domestic isolation, under the circumstances that the world and the Arab countries are going through because of the new Corona virus, in search of the same that was lost due to fame.

Haifa Wehbe to cooking? – picture

A video was published hours ago, through the Astori feature, in which she appeared preparing a cupcake dessert, explaining the amounts to her followers, from inside her home, and at last she put a picture of the final result of the dessert that looked delicious.

Rola Mansour

Suleiman Al-Barnawi – Algeria


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