Silver ruled out any appeal before May


LOS ANGELES (AFP) – NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has ruled out any decision regarding the return of competitions that had stopped due to the emerging Corona virus, before May, increasing the possibility of heading towards canceling the season.

The League is focused on studying all possible scenarios for the return of competitions, whether ending the regular season or moving directly to the playoff “playoff” roles or even canceling the entire season according to what many stars expected.

Like other sporting events worldwide, the return of the league is linked to the interruption of the spread of the Covid-19 virus in North America.

After hoping the week before last for the League to return in mid-May, Dallas Mavericks Marek Coben, the owner of the ASBN sports network, acknowledged Wednesday that “I have no idea” about when to return.

One thing is certain, Silver is waiting for the green light from the health authorities, which is an issue whose history cannot be predicted, and this is what Monday indicated in an interview that was reported directly to the League’s account on Twitter, revealing, “What I said to my group last week is that we must Accept that we will not be in a position to make any decisions, at least in April. ”

“I don’t think that necessarily means that we will be able to do that on May 1,” he added.

The Basketball League was the first professional championship in the United States to decide to suspend the season on March 11, as a result of the Yota jazz player Rudi Goubert’s infection with the “Covid-19” virus.

The regular season was supposed to end on April 15, with the playoff exclusion roles beginning on the 18th of the year until the final round in June.

As uncertainty persists about the outbreak and when it can be contained, Silver assured that he has not made any decision on whether to try to complete the regular season or go straight to the knockout roles.

Silver stressed that the association had not taken any decision regarding scenarios such as establishing exclusion roles in a one-stop-shop system, an option that was revealed on Thursday by the website of “Sports Illustrated” magazine, noting that officials are studying the possibility of organizing the entire exclusion roles in Las Vegas.


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