Shihab Hajia breaks his silence and responds to Hassan Al-Balam about Tariq Al-Ali


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Kuwaiti artist Shihab Hajia decided to respond to the statements of his fellow artist, Hassan Al-Balam, who insulted the artist Tariq Al-Ali, in which he denied that he had learned art on his hand, saying: “I am honored that I am from the“ Froggy ”artist by Tariq Al-Ali .. In people, I am upset with this sentence, but I I have the honor to be educated by Dr. Tariq Al-Ali. ”

Hajiyeh added in televised statements: “By God, my words are not courtesy, I do not refuse anything from him … By God, this person has learned from him on the stage things in people who have had years of years to study what they have learned.”

He expressed his dissatisfaction with some of the producers who reside the artist with the number of his followers on the social media, indicating that he is now calling the star a star of an artist whose number does not exceed two series and she gets the highest wages just because she has a large base on the social media.

He pointed out that he was supposed to perform in a blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday, but everything was postponed due to the Corona virus crisis, commenting, “God curse Corona.”

Kuwaiti artist Tariq Al-Ali appeared in a live broadcast via Instagram, during which he spoke about his fellow artist Hassan Al-Balam, indicating that the latter is one of his school students and graduates of his company “Froggy”, and that it is shameful and wrong to put them together in a competition, and that they are competing with their generation only, and he The artist, Hassan Al-Balam, published a video clip that attacked Tariq Al-Ali, protesting what was stated in his speech.

Hassan al-Balam said in the video clip circulating: “Your parents have mercy and fall through us and do not remember my name, nor if you know me, because you hurt me,” adding that he is not a graduate of Tariq Al-Ali Company “Froggy”, and that his name is present before Tariq creates his company, because there A long history of him was combined with Dawood Hasan, while Al-Ali Company only had five plays.

And Al-Balam continued by saying: “I am a student of anyone, and if I am praise be to God, by the grace of God and thanks to the generous crowd, I achieved success, so with my efforts and my art, if David Hussein who is David Hussein, I would have become a star saying that I am not the one I have seen, whose talent has risen, so your words are empty, Tariq. Just Yepa.

Al-Balam also indicated that he did not make any TV series produced by the company “Froggy”, and that he performed only five of the thirty plays, which means that he was not a graduate of that school that Tariq Al-Ali talked about, stressing that he is not one of his students, but rather He is the student of everyone he worked with.

He concluded his speech by saying: “People, Tariq Al-Ali, are flattened by corona and a base dies, and the world is a stone and we are by land in Kuwait and we are unable to respond, so where are you and comparisons of theater and art?” Following: “God is with your problems, God is with you, and let us be alone.”

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