Shams Al-Kuwaiti, with a strange statement about the cause of the emergence of the Corona virus-video


The artist raisedShams KuwaitiA great controversy among the followers after I posted a video on her personal page on a social networking site, in which she talked about the reason for the appearanceCorona Virus, And how the world will change after this virus ends.
She said: “The economic crisis after Corona rises to what will rise up, what will shake and what invents something that makes it an important limit in life, he will come to Linds, the world will be two slaves and masters, the third of which was in the text the middle class will disappear, and it is Corona got p Mostly because of this. “
And I quoted a phrase from the Noble Qur’an that says: “We guided him to help, either thankful or disbelieving.”
And she added, “What a gentlemen, what a slave subject, a lot despicable as American films used to tell us and what we believed.”


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