Shaker preferred to broadcast live with his fans today on Instagram after a period of absence


After a period of absence from the artistic scene and from social media, the Lebanese singer returned Fadel Shaker Appearing again and regaining his activity, where he announced his willingness to put his new song “Btahoushini” through his official channel on “YouTube”, during the next few days, and announced his appearance of Live Video today through her account on Instagram at exactly ten o’clock in the evening, to communicate with his fans.

Fadel Shaker
Fadel Shaker

Fadel Shaker also posted, a clip of the song, through his account on “Instagram”, and commented on it: “By making me crazy soon on my official YouTube channel.”

The Lebanese singer Fadel participated with his son in a live broadcast last Thursday, as he sang many of his songs from inside the house stone, to entertain the audience and their sense of not leaving the house except in the extreme necessity to prevent the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Mohamed Shaker, the son of the artist Fadel Shaker, published via his account on the Instagram website, where Fadel sang a number of songs among the great admiration of his fans and his fans who circulated the clips through the social media.

Last year, Fadel Shaker released a song called “Yatry” in the Lebanese dialect, from the words of Ahmed Madi, composed by Ziad Youssef, and distributed by Zaher Deeb, on YouTube, and another song titled “Your Love” was released, and the song was written by Mohamed Refai, composed by Abaza, and distribution to Abaza, the same team as his previous song, “With Safety”, states that the song “With Safety” is the latest work by Fadel Shaker in the Egyptian accent, which was released in December 2018.


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