Shahinaz finishes recording her new album, “My Life is Best”


Cairo – Iraq today

Caused a virus Sk New to postpone the date of launching the new album for the star Shahinaz The sweetest one, which I recently postponed, comes because of the conditions that Boas imposed on millions of people around the world, and the state of isolation that caused it. Shahinaz said that the volume of sales is no longer the true measure of the success of the lyric albums, especially in light of the electronic piracy that he suffers from The song market, but there are other criteria by which the success of the lyric albums can be measured, including the reactions that reach the artist through his own page on Facebook and Twitter, in addition to the number of downloading and listening to the album’s songs on various sites. “Shahinaz” cooperated in her new album with A group of poets ab Muhammad Abdul Hamid, Ayman Al-Shahat, Mustafa Al-Reedi, and Muhammad Al-Sawwaf arranged them, while Adam Hussein took over the entire composition of the album due to the new ideas he put in the songs. This decision was taken after many preparatory sessions for more than a year, and I found it the best in handling this topic.

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