Shady Mohamed on the departure of Ahmed Fathi: The administration did not mistake me and my soul was retiring in Al Ahly


Shadi Muhammad, captain of the former Al-Ahly club, confirmed that the management of the Red Castle, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, was not wrong in not going down to fulfill Ahmed Fathi’s conditions, to renew his contract with the Red Team.

Shady Mohamed said in exclusive statements: Ahmed Fathi is a great player and he gave a lot to the Red Castle. We thank him for the period he spent in the club and I wish I had concluded his career in the Red Castle.

The former captain of Al-Ahly added: Al-Ahly club management did not mistake not to go down to fulfill Ahmed Fathi’s terms. Al-Ahly always sets a ceiling for renewal and a player can not be distinguished from the rest of his teammates except with conditions and controls, and this deserves respect for the administration.

Shadi went on: Al-Ahly won the tournaments by Ahmed Fathi, and after him, he will reap many stars who retired and left and Al-Ahly managed to compensate them. The big clubs do not stop at a player.

Report Ahmed Fathi Al-Ahly Club today, Wednesday, By not renewing and moving to the Pyramids Club in a free transfer deal, after requesting a 48-hour deadline, after the session he held with the Planning Committee headed by Mohsen Saleh in the presence of Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of the ball and Amir Tawfiq, the contract manager, the day before yesterday, which did not witness a final agreement between the two parties.

Al-Ahly Planning Committee expressed success to Ahmed Fathi in his next career, after he decided to leave the Red Genie and complete his career in Pyramids.

Fathi is considered one of the most prominent players of Al-Ahly since he moved to his ranks in 2007 from Sheffield United, and contributed to the team winning 17 championships, including 9 titles for the Egyptian League and 3 for the African Champions League..


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