Seoul: Kim sent a letter of reply to Assad and there is no indication of his poor health


Seoul: Kim sent a letter of reply to Assad and there is no indication of his poor health


The South Korean Unification Ministry considered that there are no abnormal signs in the north indicating the poor health of Leader Kim Jong Un, and said that her neighbor is celebrating birthdays and sending messages to Syria and Cuba.

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The North Korean leader's absence from a national occasion raises speculation about his health

“We have not noticed any abnormal signs … We are watching the North Korean media, and we see letters between leaders, correspondence, birthdays, and others,” said a ministry official.

The South Korean official based on the North Korean media announcement that the country is sending personal messages to many leaders of foreign countries, including Syria on Saturday, Zimbabwe on Sunday and Cuba on Monday.

On Thursday, the official said, North Korea is conducting business as usual without any abnormal signs, amid speculation from Western media about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s health.

A report by the American “CNN” network raised doubts about the reality of Kim’s health condition earlier this week, claiming that the North Korean leader is in “great danger” after undergoing surgery.

“Kim was last seen on April 11 in news reports from the official northern media, about his participation on Saturday in a meeting of the ruling party’s political bureau, as he called for tougher measures to combat the Corona virus.

But his absence from the ceremonies marking the 128th birthday of his late grandfather and founder of the Communist State, Commander Kim Il-sung, on April 15, sparked speculation about his health.

Source: “Yonhap”


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