SEHA specializes in Al Ain Hospital for the treatment of Corona


Abu Dhabi (WAM)

The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA” has decided to allocate Al Ain Hospital for cases of isolation and treatment of new Corona virus patients (Covid-19), while it will transfer patients who are currently to Tawam Hospital, and to other health facilities in Al Ain, in line with its efforts to enhance health care outcomes and quality Services provided to the residents of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
The hospital administration, in coordination with the “Health” Company and the Health Department in Abu Dhabi, and the various health facilities in Al Ain City, has developed a comprehensive plan to ensure the continuity of the treatment experience for inpatients, without interruption, delay or a change in the quality of the provided service, as according to the established plan, the inpatient will be transferred to Tawam Hospital , And other facilities according to its jurisdiction, in the interest of their safety.
Rashid Saif Al Qubaisi, Executive Vice President of the company said that “Health”, in coordination and cooperation with the Health Department in Abu Dhabi, is making every effort to implement the directions of rational leadership, and continues its strategy to upgrade its health facilities and provide health care in accordance with the highest international standards for the people of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
He said that the arrangements made at Al Ain Hospital are part of the efforts to motivate health facilities to enhance their expertise in specific specialties, as medical and technical cadres in Al Ain Hospital were trained and rehabilitated to deal with various cases, noting that “SEHA” had developed a comprehensive plan that focused on ensuring continued Providing high-quality health care to patients and their uninterrupted, in addition to prior and immediate coordination with various partners to ensure concerted efforts during the next stage, in order to ensure the safety of community members.
For his part, Hamid Amhi Al-Mansouri, Executive Director of Al Ain Hospital, affiliated with SEHA, said that the necessary plans have been put in place to safely transfer all patients who receive health care in Al Ain Hospital to alternative health facilities within the city of Al Ain, with great care to continue receiving necessary medical care. Which is in line with SEHA’s vision and international standards, and to stop receiving any auditors, for their safety. He added that the emergency department of Al Ain Hospital will be closed temporarily, while other emergency cases will be transferred to the emergency department of Tawam Hospital, while urgent cases will be transferred to other hospitals operating in Al Ain City, such as: “NMC Hospital”, Barjeel Hospital, Hospital Eye of the Gulf, in addition to health centers affiliated to the external therapeutic services of the company «SEHA», so that coordination between the work team in Tawam Hospital and other hospitals to facilitate the process of receiving patients, and provide the necessary health care for them.
He explained that the “telemedicine” service will be provided with the aim of providing consultation and providing medical care to patients through virtual means of communication, in order to reduce the patients ’review of clinics and health centers except in cases of necessity, so that they are not exposed to infection under the current circumstances, as the specialized team will At Al Ain Hospital, communicating with the patients registered with him who receive health care through the hospital’s outpatient clinics to check on them, advise them not to come to the hospital on previously scheduled dates, and inform them that the doctor will contact them and provide the necessary medical advice For them remotely, and in the event that the doctor deems that the patient needs to meet him, the necessary arrangements will be made for that, while ensuring the patient’s safety.
Al-Mansouri pointed out that, with regard to patients suffering from chronic diseases, medications will be automatically dispensed to and delivered to their homes without the need to come to the hospital, and Al Ain Hospital called on patients who visit the outpatient clinics in the hospital to communicate over the phone in order to ensure the delivery of their medicines to their homes, to facilitate them And maintaining their health and not being exposed to infection.
Al Ain Hospital management called on patients and their families to contact directly with the SEHA Customer Service Center on 80050 to inquire, book appointments and provide any comments, wishing all health and wellness.

Register 150 new cases
The Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced yesterday that it had detected 150 new cases of “corona newness” known as “Covid-19”, which were identified by examining contacts of previously announced injuries, and they did not adhere to preventive measures and physical distance, in addition to cases related to travel to Outside, bringing the number of diagnosed cases to 814. The new cases are due to different nationalities, all of which are stable and subject to the necessary health care. The Ministry also announced the registration of two deaths due to the new Corona virus «Covid-19» of a 62-year-old Asian national, and a 78-year-old Gulf patient who both suffer from chronic diseases and heart failure which led to the deterioration of their health conditions and thus the number of deaths in State 8.
The Ministry expressed its regret and sincere condolences and condolences to the families of the dead, and its wishes for a speedy recovery for all the injured.


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