Security forces: the arrest of a drug promoter with a crime


The Directorate General of the Internal Security Forces stated that “following the availability of information at the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces, about an unidentified person promoting drugs on board a” Kia Picanto “car, in the provinces of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, and as a result of follow-up and investigations, the competent sectors were able In the branch, who has been identified, he is called: TB (born in Lebanon, Lebanese).

On March 29, 2020, after a careful observation, a division of the Division was able to arrest him, for the crime, on the Spears Street – Al-Sanayeh Street, while he was traveling on the aforementioned car, in order to promote drugs.

On inspection and the vehicle, a bag containing / 58 / g was seized under the driver’s seat. Of cocaine, canned, ready for promotion, and seized in his possession an amount of / 2600,000 / LL. On interrogation, he admitted that he had promoted drugs to a large number of drug users, in several regions of Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

Deposited with seizures, the competent authority, on the authority of the judiciary.

Security forces: the arrest of a drug promoter with a crime


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