Security forces stop someone fraudulently stealing food traders


There have been recent frauds in a fraudulent manner, carried out by an unknown, and affected a number of food traders in several Lebanese regions, through the purchase of large quantities of food, without paying for it.As a result of the follow-up, the Special Group in the Judicial Police Unit was able to identify the suspect and arrest him on 4/13/2020 through an ambush in the Jal El Dib neighborhood, and it was found that he was called: F. a. (Born in 1979, Palestinian)

It was also found that he was wanted by the judiciary under an arrest warrant for theft.On investigation, he admitted that he had carried out numerous fraudulent theft operations that affected a number of food dealers in different Lebanese regions.

Therefore, and based on the reference of the competent judiciary, the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces circulates its image, and requests those who have fallen victim to his actions and get acquainted with him, to come to the Financial Crime Prevention and Money Laundering Office of the Judicial Police Unit, located in the Bolivar locale Camille Chamoun / Barracks Joseph Daher barracks , Or call one of the numbers: 01 290881 or 01-293683, in preparation for taking the necessary legal measures.


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