Scientist reveals the approximate date of producing a safe vaccine to eliminate the Corona virus


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Scientist reveals the approximate date for the production of a safe vaccine to eliminate the Corona virus, today, Tuesday, April 14, 2020 06:01 am

It takes about a year to produce a “safe” vaccine, Professor Andrei Kozlov, head of studies on molecular viruses and tumors, at the Greater Technical University of Petersburg in Petersburg.

The professor said in a television interview, that the talk is about the DNA vaccine, which is considered “very safe.”

He said, “Technological characteristics lie in taking samples of the virus’s genes and placed in a DNA-based vector. Interestingly, this vaccine is not contagious, which gives it an advantage compared to vaccines based on dead viruses, which usually have side effects. He added that the DNA vaccine is very safe, as it works to synthesize the proteins in it inside the body, which enhances immunity. We have identified the genes to be used in this vaccine and in what direction it was developed. ”

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According to him, the vaccine will be tested in several months on animals before the clinical tests, and in light of the results we will get, clinical tests will begin on the volunteers.

It is reported that Kozlov previously announced that corona, influenza and herpes viruses are able to destroy whole parts of the brain. For example, some patients with coronaviruses did not discover lung disorders, but their awareness was distracted, or they had symptoms of epilepsy. It was previously announced that the sufferers suffer from a loss of sense of smell and taste, and this indicates that the brain tissue is infected with this virus.


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