Schubert agrees to Saif Zahir’s initiative in conciliation with Abu Rida


Ahmed Shoubir, the former vice-president of the Egyptian Football Association, agreed to the reconciliation initiative with Hany Abu Rida, the former board chairman of the Jabaliyya, an initiative launched by the journalist Saif Zaher during his program “Ontime Stadium”.

Saif Zahir told Schubert: “When I spoke with the engineer Hani Abu Ridah about the reconciliation initiative, he confirmed that he agreed and would extend his hand in peace.” Schubert replied during the phone call: “Of course I also agree to the peace, but to extend our debt, we continue to extend it right and work right, and we will see Saleh Clubs and their support, especially since most clubs are unable to spend on themselves, and the initiative must be comprehensive for success without regard to elections.

He added: “I very much welcome the reconciliation initiative, especially if it is in the public interest, and it is impossible to run for membership in the Jabaliyya Council. In case of contesting the elections, he will run for president after obtaining approval from my work.”

The officials of the Five-Year Committee of the Football Association headed by Amr Al-Janayni revealed that the fees for those wishing to submit papers nominating them for the next Football Association elections will be determined by the current council.

The Football Association officials continued that the fee item will not be placed in the list of the new Football Association, but the current council will determine it before opening the door for candidacy, which is likely to be next July.

Recall that the last election For the Football Association 2016, fees at the time amounted to 2000 pounds for any candidate, but the current council will determine them before the date for the opening of the elections.


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