Saudi Supervision Authority investigates a judge who was involved in “bribery”


Saudi Supervision Authority investigates a judge who was involved in “bribery”

Arrested violators of the curfew assaulted security men and official vehicles

Saturday – Shaban 18, 1441 AH – April 11, 2020 CE

Riyadh General Court (Middle East)

Riyadh: «Middle East Online»

The Saudi Monitoring and Anti-Corruption Commission began an investigation with a judge in a public court, who received “bribery” and worked in commerce, and arrested people who violated the curfew and assaulted security men after refusing to receive a “bribe” from them in exchange for their release.
And she clarified in a statement today (Friday), that she «started the investigation procedures with a judge of the General Court in one of the regions of the Kingdom, after receiving a notification that the judge had received financial sums (bribery) in cases pending before him and working in trade, and the results of the investigations showed the validity of the communication against him, in addition To the involvement of the mediator appointed by the judge to receive the amounts of bribery, in cooperation with the brother of the judge (officer with the rank of colonel), businessmen and a lawyer, in the crimes of bribery, money laundering, participation in the seizure of public money, the exploitation of job influence, and administrative misuse ».
She added that “the judge was arrested after completing the arrest and detention procedures from the Supreme Council of the Judiciary in accordance with Article 68 of the Judicial System. All the detainees have acknowledged the charges against them, and they are being referred to the judiciary after completing all the procedures against them,” stressing that what he did “is behavior An individual who does not represent the integrity, competence, and justice of the judges in Saudi Arabia.
On the other hand, the Control and Anti-Corruption Commission arrested a group of people, citizens and residents, who violated the curfew order, and offered money to bribe the security men in exchange for their release and not to liberate a violation against them, and some assaulted the security men after refusing to accept the bribe from them, and caused damage Official government vehicles.
The commission indicated that “they were investigated and referred to the general prison, and work is ongoing to refer them to the criminal court to inflict the most severe penalties against them in exchange for violating orders and instructions, and disregard the efforts made by the official authorities to combat this epidemic, and insulting the security men who harnessed themselves to serve this country And his sons. ”
And it called that it is “proceeding with the implementation of its competences according to the principle of the supremacy of the system, and the application of the regulations against anyone who illegally infringes public funds or breaches his job duties prescribed by order”, pointing out that “the violations of any of the employees or breach of job duties are inconsistent with the approach of state institutions in Providing services to citizens and residents with administrative flexibility and procedural facilities that are in line with regulations and in a manner that meets the public interest and aspirations of the rulers ».



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