Saudi “Retirement” announces the extension of the pension payment to the beneficiaries whose pensions are to be suspended


RIYADH – Mubasher: The Public Pension Agency announced that the share of beneficiaries of the retirement pension will be extended for a period of three months, starting in March 2020, which was to be stopped due to the failure to provide the Foundation with the documents supporting the disbursement.

The Saudi Foundation said, today, Wednesday, that this applies to cases of agency termination, reaching the age of 15 years and the end of the mandate or reaching the age of 21, with an emphasis on the need to take advantage of this deadline and provide the Foundation with the required through the electronic portal to ensure the continued disbursement of their share of the retirement pension, according to The Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”.

This step is an extension of the Foundation’s keenness to implement leadership directions, consider the interests of clients and facilitate their procedures and transactions, especially in light of the precautionary measures taken by the country to confront the spread of the emerging Corona virus pandemic.

The Foundation provides many electronic services to its customers through its electronic portal and its application for smart devices, enabling customers to self-implement their services and submit their transactions and follow up on their status. The Foundation services also allow its customers to send their inquiries and pension consultations in an electronic and direct way.


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