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It is equipped with OLED screens .. Samsung is approaching the new Galaxy Chrome Book

Khaled Mamdouh

Wednesday 4/20/25 05:58 AM Abu Dhabi time

Galaxy Chromebook

After being shown for the first time during the CES International Technology Exhibition in its 2020 edition, South Korean Samsung Samsung has officially announced the launch of the Galaxy Chromebook in the US and global markets.

According to, the Korean company will officially unveil the Galaxy Chromebook on April 6, which will be located inside the technology markets at a price of $ 999, which will make it the cheapest personal computer that has an OLED screen at all.

The Galaxy Chromebook will have a set of features that make it among the strongest among its competitors, such as the tenth-generation Intel Core i5 chip, along with 8 GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 256 GB of internal SSD memory.

Also among the most important features is the presence of an S Pen between the S Pen and a front camera supported by a second 8-megapixel camera installed on the keyboard, for use as a back camera when turning the screen in tablet mode.

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