Saudi Interior: We received 37,000 requests for movement during curfew times


Today, Wednesday, the spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Interior appealed to all segments of society to abide by the curfew decision, noting that the ministry had received about 37,000 travel requests within two days and we are studying them.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Interior added in a press conference today, that all requests for transportation and humanitarian cases are studied, noting that most of the requests violate curfew regulations and controls.

Earlier, the Saudi Health Authority warned all members of society of some practices that are taking place in homes these days by some members of some professions, indicating that it may contribute to the rapid spread of infection with the emerging coronavirus. .

According to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, health through infographic showed an awareness that was published in its official account on Twitter that the barber and the hairdressers contribute to this due to the frequent use of shaving tools among several people, and that the informal delivery representative also contributes by not applying preventive safety measures, Likewise, the tutor also contributes to his frequent mixing with people in the home during his work .

Health has called on all to support the efforts made to combat the Coronavirus and to fulfill their humanitarian and national duty to limit its spread..

She called them to communicate with the Health Center 937 to answer their inquiries and advise them on everything related to the emerging Corona virus around the clock, and advised them to adhere to the educational guidelines issued by Health to avoid infection with viruses.


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