Saudi Health: 1266 new cases of corona and the total exceeds 20 thousand cases


Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Ali, a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, announced that 1266 new cases of Corona virus have been registered, and the total inside the Kingdom exceeds 20 thousand cases.

He added during a press conference, that the total number of deaths inside the Kingdom reached 152 cases, explaining that the total number of cases of healing from the Corona virus reached 2784, stressing the need to follow the health instructions of the Ministry of Health, chief among them social divergence.

While the new Corona virus continues to spread in various countries of the world, where more than 3 million and 75 thousand infections were recorded, the death toll of the virus exceeded the barrier of 211 thousand cases, and more than 915 thousand cases were cured.

While the Chinese authorities announced that no new deaths from the Corona virus were recorded, and 6 new cases of Corona virus were recorded across the country, bringing the total number of Corona virus infections to 82,836 and 4,633 deaths.

And Russia recorded, on Tuesday, a record increase in the number of infected people within one day, bringing the total to close to 100 thousand cases, and Singapore announced 528 new cases of coronavirus.

In India, the Ministry of Health announced that 62 deaths and more than 1500 new cases of coronavirus were recorded within 24 hours, while 34 new cases of coronavirus were registered in Israel and a total of 15589, and it was announced that 163 new deaths and 1,144 cases of coronavirus were found in Germany.

Johns Hopkins University revealed: 1303 the total number of corona virus deaths in the United States during the past 24 hours, as the United States is the country most affected by the Corona virus and has a third of the world’s infections from the Corona virus.


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