Saudi Arabia The strongest rainy season for this season starts on Monday, and these are its details


Weather of Arabia – God willing, the rainy situation is expected to start affecting many Saudi regions from Sunday / Monday night and will continue until the end of the week, as the situation is characterized by inclusiveness and also strength in some areas.

Rain, thunderstorm, on clouds in Al Sharqia and Riyadh, on Sunday night / Monday and Monday

Medium-altitude clouds and cumulative clouds gradually multiply over many parts of the Riyadh, Eastern and Al-Ahsa regions, starting from Sunday night / Monday and during Monday hours, when showers are thunderstorm sometimes in those areas, including the capital city, Dammam, and Hofuf.

The showers of rain are expected to be heavy, especially in the north of Al-Ahsa and in the south of the Riyadh region, while the rains will be moderate in intensity for both the capital Riyadh and Dammam.

Rain increased Tuesday

On Tuesday, the rainy situation will increase and widen in size, covering the northern, central, eastern and southern regions of the Kingdom, and thunderstorm showers in the areas of: Tabuk – Al-Jawf – Northern Borders – Hafr Al-Batin – Eastern – Hail – Al-Qassim – Riyadh – Al-Ahsa – and the region as a whole. Southern and southwest, including the city of Najran.

The strongest part of the rainy state will be in the central and eastern region, in particular the Riyadh and Eastern regions, Al-Ahsa and the Empty Quarter, where the rain falls there are abundant and thunderstorms, and they will increase the water level, the occurrence of torrents, and the flow of valleys in a way that calls for caution.

Thunderstorms are actively associated with the dramatic wind speeds of dust and soil and consequently low horizontal visibility. The eastern winds are also active on the northwest of the Kingdom, where dust waves are expected to form on Tabuk, Hail, Al-Jawf and Medina on Tuesday.

Rain continues until Thursday

The latest weather updates indicate that the rainy weather in the Kingdom continues until the end of the week, with expectations of the emergence of a new rain situation next week.


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