Saudi Arabia takes a new decision on curfews in Ramadan


The Saudi authorities seek to limit the spread of the Corona epidemic in the Kingdom, through a series of strict measures, including the imposition of curfews.

During the month of Ramadan, which the kingdom used to witness a lot of activity in mosques and places of worship, the Saudi Press Agency said on Tuesday that the authorities decided to reduce the curfew hours imposed on several cities.

She added that the aim of the decision is to allow more time for citizens to purchase their basic needs within the scope of the residential neighborhood in which they reside.

Residents of the 24-hour curfew areas are now allowed to go out to receive health care and go to stores from six in the morning until three in the evening.

The agency stated that those hours would start in Ramadan from nine in the morning until five in the evening.

As of Tuesday, Saudi Arabia had recorded about 11,631 cases of Coronavirus, while 1,640 patients had recovered, and 106 people had died.


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