Saudi Arabia records the highest rate of corona infections in one day … and record production of sterilizers and gags


          Bahrain breaks the 1,000 case barrier ... and Omani measures to protect private sector employees            </p><div>

          <p>Saudi Arabia recorded the highest rate of infection with the Corona virus (Covid-19) in one day, amounting to 493 infections, bringing the total number of infections since the virus began spreading in the country to 5862 cases, including 71 critical cases, while the Food and Drug Authority confirmed in the country Production of 1.6 million sterile liters and 3.7 million muzzle per week.<br/>Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Ali, spokesman for the "Saudi Ministry of Health", told a press conference in Riyadh yesterday that the number of people recovering yesterday reached 42 people, and the total number of people recovered reached 931 people.<br/>He confirmed the registration of 6 additional deaths, which are citizens in Madinah, 70 and 72 years old, and a 67-year-old citizen, in addition to 3 non-Saudis in Makkah between the ages of 37 and 52 who suffer from chronic diseases and health problems, thus bringing the total number of deaths in Saudi Arabia as a result of the injury With "corona" to 79 people.<br/>He advised Al-Abd Al-Ali to stay at home and ensure healthy food, sports, adequate sleep and distance learning, in addition to taking precautions by remote communication and avoiding gatherings.<br/>He pointed out that the severity of the disease varied, as 70 to 80 per cent of patients are symptomatic, while 20 per cent need health care and follow-up to the influence of the body and the disruption of some functions, while 5 to 10 per cent suffer from very severe symptoms that may It affects breathing, heart or other body functions, and the health situation may deteriorate rapidly, especially if the patient is late in accessing health care, which may lead to death, indicating that the conditions that have recovered have returned to their normal lives.<br/>With regard to the newly observed injuries, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health indicated that the last week witnessed the registration of injuries in densely populated neighborhoods and labor housing, in addition to the presence of 20 to 25 per cent in other sites related to community contact, stressing the importance of adhering to the instructions related to labor housing.<br/>Later in the day, the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced the implementation of additional health precautions by isolating the Al-Atheer neighborhood of Dammam in the eastern region, preventing entry to or exit from it, and preventing 24-hour curfews, as of yesterday, until further notice With the residents of the aforementioned neighborhood allowed to leave their homes for the necessary health and catering needs within the isolation zone, from six in the morning until three in the afternoon, provided that all activities authorized to carry out their duties during times of curfew in the secluded neighborhood are carried out in the strictest limits, according to Procedures and controls that limit Behold, the concerned party.

Sterilizers and masks

Meanwhile, Tayseer Al-Mufarraj, a spokesman for the Food and Drug General Authority, explained that the number of local factories for sterilizers reached 49 factories that produce 1.6 million liters of sterilizers per week.
He added that the number of masks factories is currently 8, producing weekly 3.7 million masks, noting that there are 2.4 million sterile packages and 20 million muzzles in warehouses and pharmacies. Al-Moufarrej mentioned that the consumer can access reference pharmacies that have masks and sterilizers available through the “Tammni” application, which is provided by the authority, and shows the locations of these pharmacies.
He stated that the authority supervises clinical studies to protect and protect participants, the accuracy of available data, researchers ’commitment to standards and the creation of databases for these studies. He said that last week saw the approval of the global research project for additional therapies for new Corona virus patients receiving standard care. It aims to access reliable data on data for these viruses and the extent of their success in resisting them inside the patient’s body. The study is being implemented by the Ministry of Health, the “World Health Organization” and a number of health authorities in Saudi Arabia.
The release talked about the authority’s initiatives to enhance drug security in partnership with the relevant government agencies and the private sector, including initiatives from an early date to provide drugs, vaccines and treatments in large quantities in pharmacies and health facilities, provide raw materials for pharmaceutical industries, support factories, and promote the local industry, and extend the validity of pharmaceutical preparations according to International medical standards.
With regard to Saudi stocks of medicines, especially for chronic diseases, a spokesman for the “Food and Drug General Authority” confirmed the availability of medicines in a very large way, stressing that the import of medicines continues as was previously with integrated efforts between the concerned authorities.

Continuing flights to return the Saudis

Meanwhile, 155 citizens arrived at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, the day before yesterday, on a plane «Saudi Arabian Airlines», coming from New York, as part of the flights that will return the citizens who wish to return.
Immediately after the citizens’ arrival at the airport, all the health and preventive measures against the new Corona virus were applied, and they included 12 stages that are applied from the arrival of the citizens to the airport of the country of departure, until their arrival at and exit from Saudi airports.

197 pilgrims leave for Pakistan and Bangladesh

Also, 163 pilgrims from Pakistani nationality left for Lahore and 34 pilgrims from Bangladeshi nationality to Dhaka yesterday morning (Wednesday), via King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah.
This stage comes as a continuation of the permanent presence of the Ministry with the pilgrims throughout their stay in the medical isolation to conduct examinations by the Ministry of Health, where the results of the laboratory test showed the safety of all pilgrims from the Corona virus, and the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah secured hotels in Makkah and Jeddah to host pilgrims throughout the period Ensure transportation to the departure port, and ensure that all their needs are met until they leave.

Bahrain refers 132 people to the prosecution

Yesterday, the Bahraini health revealed that 132 people were referred to the public prosecutor, because they did not adhere to and adhere to the requirements and laws established by the competent authorities to confront the Corona virus, including 126 violating domestic quarantine, and six people who run commercial and industrial shops who did not adhere to health requirements to limit the spread of the virus. Corona ».
Yesterday, Bahraini health recorded 143 new cases, bringing the number of cases registered in Bahrain to 1001 cases, as well as recovering 18 cases, bringing the number of recovery cases to 663 cases.

Kuwait records 50 new infections

Yesterday, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced that 50 new cases of Corona virus were recorded, bringing the total number of cases registered in Kuwait to 1405 cases. The total number of recovered cases reached 206 cases that had contracted the disease after the Minister of Health Sheikh Basil Al-Sabah announced earlier yesterday, the recovery of 30 new cases.
The Kuwaiti National Guard announced that the employees of its technical emergency branch would operate the various production lines in the «Kuwait Mills Company» starting from the stages of production and training to transfer the produced materials from bread to the sales outlets and to manage the points of sale as treasurer.
And the «National Guard», in a press statement, yesterday, that this comes in implementation of the directives of the Supreme Command of the Guard to assign the state agencies, and to activate the memorandum of understanding signed between the “National Guard” and the “Kuwait Flour Mills Company and bakeries”, and within the framework of the Guard’s continued refinement of the skills of its employees in Managing vital places to support state agencies in emergency situations.

Oman approves measures to protect employees

The Higher Committee in charge of researching a mechanism to deal with developments resulting from the spread of the Corona virus (Covid 19) has approved, within the framework of its permanent session, a package of facilities to support the private sector and its workforce, which includes not ending the services of Omani employees in the private sector, as well as the possibility of providing The leave is paid to them, and the institutions affected by the current conditions have the right to negotiate with their employees to reduce their wages for three months while reducing the working hours. Institutions that reduce the wages of their employees also have the right to postpone the payment of bank loans and outstanding financing loans, as well as the postponement of electricity and water bills, and reduced employees attach their wages to national fuel subsidies.
Yesterday, the Omani Ministry of Health announced that 97 new cases of Corona virus (Covid 19) were recorded, bringing the number of cases registered in the Sultanate of Oman to 910 cases. Oman also recorded one recovery yesterday, bringing the number of recovery cases to 132 cases.

Qatar records 283 new infections

Qatar Health announced yesterday that it had recorded 283 new confirmed cases of the Corona virus. The Ministry of Health explained that some of the new cases of infection are due to mixing with previous cases of citizens and residents, while most of the other new cases are for expatriate workers in different regions, and the new infected cases have been introduced under complete health isolation. 33 cases of recovery from the disease were recorded, bringing the total recovery cases in Qatar to 406 cases.


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