Saudi Arabia records 137 new infections with the Corona virus


Saudi Arabia records 137 new infections with the Corona virus


                    AHMED YOSRI


The Saudi Ministry of Health recorded a significant decline in the frequency of infection with Coronavirus, as this rate fell to 137 cases on Wednesday, compared to 272 yesterday.

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Saudi Arabia records the largest daily death toll from Corona virus infections

The spokesman of the Saudi Ministry of Health, Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, told a press conference today, Wednesday, that the number of new infections of the “Corona virus” COVID-19 “in the Kingdom during the past 24 hours increased by 137 cases, bringing the total to 2932 infected after it was At the level of 2795 yesterday, Tuesday.

This figure represents the lowest daily rate for new cases of coronavirus in the Kingdom during the month of April, and it leads to a significant decline in this rate compared to yesterday, when this indicator reached 272 cases.

The high slave did not speak of any new recorded deaths caused by the virus, while the previous statistics released on Tuesday indicated that the total number of deaths from the disease is 41 cases.

Al-Abd Al-Aali reported that 16 new cures were recorded among those afflicted with the disease, noting that the total number of people recovering from the Corona virus in the Kingdom reached 631 cases.

Commenting on the data, the Saudi Ministry of Health spokesman said, “We are facing an important stage in monitoring the spread of the Corona virus locally.”

Source: Saudi media


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