Saudi Arabia pledges $ 500 million to support the world’s efforts to tackle the Corona virus


Atlanta, United States of America (CNN) – Saudi Arabia’s Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan announced on Quest Means Business program on CNN, Thursday, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pledged $ 500 million to international organizations to support the fight against the emerging corona virus (Covid 19).

The Saudi Minister of Finance said that global health organizations have an immediate financing gap of $ 8 billion, noting that these organizations are asking members of the G20 and the rest of the world and international organizations to raise more funds to bridge this gap.

“We believe this will happen,” said Mohammed Al-Jadaan, who heads his country, the G20.

Saudi Arabia said in a statement, it will provide $ 150 million to the International Alliance to prepare for the epidemic and innovation (CEPI), $ 150 million to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), and $ 200 million to other international and regional health organizations and programs.

The G20 had announced agreement on debt relief measures for the poorest countries hit by the Coronavirus virus from now for one year.

After a hypothetical meeting of the G20 finance ministers, Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan said that the countries of the group agreed to “suspend debts” “unanimously” with the aim of giving developing countries “a space to breathe” amid the pandemic of the emerging Corona virus.

During the meeting chaired by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the G20 leaders pledged, under the video technology of Converse, to pump $ 5 trillion into the global economy to reduce the economic impacts of the Corona virus pandemic.


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