Saudi Arabia officially resolves the debate about the continuation of prayers in mosques and Tarawih Ramadan


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The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da`wah and Guidance in Saudi Arabia, Abd al-Latif bin Abdulaziz al-Sheikh, affirmed that “the decision to suspend prayer in mosques will continue unless the clouds rise and go away from everyone.”

Al-Sheikh called, In a television interview With the program “mbc in a week” yesterday, Saturday, may God end the pandemic soon, and said: “The suspension of the obligatory prayer is more important than the suspension of Tarawih prayer and greater, asking God to accept from everyone the Tarawih prayer, whether it is held in mosques or was held in homes, which is what we see necessary, We ask God to remove this epidemic from humanity. ”

He pointed out that “as a matter of precaution and reliance on God and the introduction of the reasons that people do what he receives from them the instructions from the competent authorities, what is now issued by the relevant authorities and jurisdiction is strictly prohibited mixing because of the evils and witnesses witnessed.”

Al-Sheikh added, “The funeral prayer now is for the deceased in the cemetery, and there should not be large numbers, while the rest of the person prays for the deceased in their homes. If a person wants to pray for the deceased, he should pray for him in his home.”

The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs confirmed last Friday that the suspension of prayer in mosques continues until Ramadan, as part of the preventive measures against the emerging “Corona” virus.

In mid-March, Saudi Arabia announced the suspension of prayers in all mosques and only the lifting of the call to prayer on the background of the spread of the coronary Corona virus.

On March 19, the Saudi authorities decided to suspend entry to the two holy mosques in Mecca and Medina for prayer, especially on Friday, due to concerns about the Coronavirus.

Yesterday, Saturday, the Saudi Ministry of Health recorded 382 new infections with the emerging coronavirus, noting that it was studying blood plasma treatment from the recovered.

The ministry said that injuries are recorded in different age groups, noting that from 70 to 80% of cases observed in recent days are non-Saudis.


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