Saudi Arabia News Today .. 3 things you should know about products similar to milk and milk .. Thunderstorms in 5 regions on the second day of Ramadan


“Passports” clarifies the possibility of extending the expired visas for those stranded abroad

Monitor «Urgent newspaper»In the Saudi news bulletin for Friday, April 24th, the most prominent news of the Kingdom, including the Food and Drug General Authority’s clarification on milk and dairy products called“ similar, ”and the expected weather condition.

Pictures .. King Salman Relief Center inaugurates a project to distribute 38,000 food parcels for the month of Ramadan in Sudan

The King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action launched the Food Baskets Distribution Project during the holy month of Ramadan in Sudan, in the presence of the Senior Adviser to the Sudanese Prime Minister Sheikh Khader Ahmed, the Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to Sudan Ali bin Mohsen Jaafar, and representatives of the Humanitarian Aid and Seizure Organization for Human Development.

In a few simple steps .. So you can report curfew violations through “We are all safe”

We have all made clear the application of the safe reporting mechanism for curfews violations, after adding a special option to report these violations as a precautionary measure to limit the spread of the new Corona virus COVID-19.

In pictures … The commitment of citizens and residents in the holy capital to prevent curfews on the first day of Ramadan

The roads and streets of the Holy Capital witnessed, with the start of the holy month of Ramadan – the presence of various security agencies to implement the curfew and additional precautions to mitigate the effects of the emerging Corona virus (Covid 19).

3 things to know about milk and dairy-like products

The Food and Drug General Authority has indicated that milk and dairy products, which are called “similar,” are products in which whole or partial milk fat is replaced by vegetable oils.

“Passports” clarifies the possibility of extending the expired visas for those stranded abroad

The General Directorate of Passports explained the position of those stranded abroad and holding expired exit and return visas, from extending them under the current circumstances.

Riyadh Municipality: Increased demand for livestock, slaughter and delivery of livestock via WhatsApp

Today, Friday, the Riyadh Municipality confirmed the residents’ demand for livestock purchase, slaughter and delivery requests through WhatsApp.

The affairs of the Two Holy Mosques begin temporarily distributing bottles of Zamzam water on a platform there

The General Presidency for the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has launched an electronic platform there to distribute and deliver the water of Zamzam Al Mubarak to homes, and the worker will start working on it next Monday.

“Education of a boy” received 62 buildings for government sectors to accommodate expats

The Sabya Governorate Education Department has delivered 62 educational buildings to be at the disposal of a number of government agencies and sectors in the Jazan region, for use as temporary shelters and housing for migrant workers during the curfew period, with the aim of reducing congestion within the housing complexes of companies in which expatriates work.

Meteorology predicts “the weather of the second day of Ramadan”: thunderstorms in 5 regions

The Presidency of Meteorology and Environment expected thunderstorm rain in 5 regions tomorrow, Saturday, as well as surface wind activity in 6 other regions.

An intense security presence to implement the curfew order in Tabuk, the first day of Ramadan

The security sectors in Tabuk intensified their follow-up and presence in the first days of the holy month of Ramadan, to implement the curfew order within the precautionary measures.

Video .. The removal of expatriate workers stored “tomatoes” to sell at high prices in Tabuk

The supervisory teams of the Ministry of Commerce overthrew expatriate workers in Tabuk, storing 4 thousand tomato boxes, to sell them at overpriced prices.

The Corona Follow-up Committee is satisfied with the conditions of the injured and the medical care provided to them

The committee concerned with following up the health status of the Corona virus held this morning its 65th meeting and reviewed all reports and developments about the virus, as well as the cases recorded in the Kingdom and the reassurance of their health conditions were reviewed, while stressing the continued application of all preventive measures in the entry points and strengthening them.

Madinah Municipality adopts 4 new housing plans

The Madinah Municipality has approved four new private housing plans with an area of ​​more than 1,400,000 square meters.

Zakat and income calls to take advantage of the Zakat phone and the application (Zakat) to pay the Zakat electronically

The General Authority of Zakat and Income called on individuals to pay their Zakat “optionally” through the Zakat Phone Service and the (Zakat) portal, and the (Zakat) application for smart phones, stressing that it seeks through electronic platforms to provide optional services for individuals that enable them to pay their Zakat electronically.

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency applies a package of programs to support the private sector to reduce the financial effects of the Corona virus

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency has proposed a program whose value amounts to about (50) billion riyals, aimed at supporting the private sector and enabling it to play its role in promoting economic growth through a package of measures that include support for financing small and medium enterprises.

“Confiscation and Destruction” .. The Jeddah Municipality continues measures to reduce the phenomenon of street vendors

The Municipality of Jeddah Governorate and within its field teams continued their inspection campaigns to reduce the phenomenon of street vendors, as the subsidiary Al-Safa Municipality was able to confiscate 23.5 tons of vegetables and fruits in addition to withdrawing “179” violating cars and destroying “207” violating vehicles during these inspection campaigns.

Launching an initiative to provide breakfast service to security men in Riyadh

Prince Faisal bin Bandar, Governor of Riyadh region, inaugurated the initiative of the Society of the Martyrs of Duty, under the slogan “From the families of martyrs of duty to men of duty”, which will contribute to providing breakfast service to the security men while carrying out field work in the city of Riyadh.

“Opening markets and slaughterhouses” .. The Eastern Municipality continues to provide services to citizens

The Eastern Province Municipality has opened the ninth temporary market for the sale of vegetables, fruits, and paper in the Aziziyah neighborhood of Al-Khobar Governorate.

Khalid bin Salman congratulates the leadership in the month of Ramadan

Prince Khalid bin Salman, Deputy Minister of Defense, congratulated the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan.

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