Saudi Arabia cuts gasoline prices in April


Saudi Arabia announced yesterday that it will reduce gasoline prices, as part of its periodic review on local prices of energy products, as it reduced the price of gasoline 95 to 1.47 riyals, instead of 2.05 riyals, and gasoline 91 to 1.31 riyals instead of 1.55 riyals, while diesel reached 47 Halaleh, kerosene 64 Halaleh, and liquefied petroleum gas 75 halala, during the current month of April.
Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer and exporter, said that the implementation of the updated gasoline prices will be from today, and called on the owners of the stations and citizens to continue updating the prices on a monthly basis through the company’s electronic link.
“Aramco” explained that adjusting the prices of energy products is carried out in accordance with the procedures for the governance of adjusting the prices of energy and water products, and that the local prices of energy products are subject to change, up and down, according to changes in export prices from the Kingdom to international markets.


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