Saudi Arabia Al-Harbi rejects Atletico Madrid .. and a proposal to return the league


Every morning, AS Arabia accompanies its followers on a quick tour of the highlights of the Saudi press issued every morning, and our date is renewed today, Friday, the tenth of April 2020.

The beginning of the tour from the newspaper “Al-Jazeera”, which published statements by the Romanian Razvan Lusescu, The coach of the first club football club Crescent moon.

And she explained that Lucescu immediately agreed to the issue of reducing his salary by half, as soon as the leader’s management asked him to do so.

And Razvan emphasized that: “The Crescent management asked me to reduce the salary in the next half from March to June at least, and I agreed immediately because I know the financial effects on all clubs.”

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He added: “Many clubs will be under the threat of bankruptcy at the present time, and everyone should join hands to cross the crisis.”And he added: “Corona will have painful economic effects on all clubs. The salaries will be reduced because there is no source of income at the present time. ”

Sultan Al-Harbi rejects Atletico Madrid

In an interview with Al-Jazirah newspaper with Sultan Al-Harbi, the player of Uhud, the player talked about several important scenes.

Where Al-Harbi made it clear that he is playing and stepping up his efforts to participate with his country in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

He also indicated that he had previously participated in a competition in Madinah, and there was one winner among 25 to 30 youth players.

He explained that he was the winner of this competition, and the award was an experiment in the Spanish club Atletico Madrid.

Through this competition, he explained that his name was chosen to represent the Spanish club Sants in Barcelona, ​​stressing that the contract was not enough, as it was less than expected, to refuse to sign.

Al-Ittihad Al-Saudi proposes a date to complete the league

We are heading to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, where she made clear from informed sources that the Saudi Football Association made a preliminary decision to complete the Saudi League with the start of the next season..

The sources indicated that the Saudi Football Association did not inform the clubs of any decision, and did not take any decisions except after obtaining approval from the government and its measures on the global pandemic of the Corona virus..

The newspaper stressed that the Saudi Football Association will complete the league at the beginning of the next season and it is expected that this will be in the month of August and will put a mechanism for the league next season and how the schedule will be pressed or extended until after the month of May 2021 according to the schedule of the next AFC Champions League.

He added that, through what the Ministry of Health states, it is clear that the country’s measures may extend for several months, and this means that the current Saudi League will not be completed in the near future.

And I continued that next week will witness consultations between the Football Association, the Sports Authority and the League of Professionals and Clubs Association, and if a certain mechanism is agreed upon, some decisions will be announced..


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