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Saudi Arabia adopts a unified model for movement during the curfew in all regions of the Kingdom


An official source at the Saudi Ministry of Interior stated that, following the ministry’s statement dated 19 Shaaban 1441 AH regarding the importance of reviewing and determining the numbers of those authorized to move from vital sector employees and workers in activities excluded from the curfew, as the Ministry worked on updating forms (travel permits during the ban period) for groups excluded from Curfew instructions, SPA reported.

A unified model has been approved to work according to it, and it has been decided to implement the unified model in all regions of the Kingdom, as of three o’clock in the afternoon of Tuesday 28/8/1441 AH.

Today, Saturday, an official source in the Saudi Ministry of Interior confirmed that additional health precautionary measures have been decided upon by isolating the “Al-Faisaliah” and “Al-Fadhliyah” neighborhoods in Al-Ahsa Governorate, and preventing entry to or exit from them and a 24-hour curfew, as from today until notification Another, in light of the health recommendations submitted by the concerned authorities to strengthen precautionary measures and measures to limit the spread of the new Corona virus in the Kingdom, and to preserve the health and safety of citizens and residents.

The source said – in statements reported by the Saudi News Agency / SPA / – that it was also decided to allow the residents of the two neighborhoods referred to to leave their homes for the necessary needs such as (health care and catering), within the scope of the isolation area during the period from six in the morning until three in the afternoon .. He pointed to the continuation of all activities authorized to exercise its tasks during the times of curfew in the isolated neighborhoods of health in the minimal limits, and in accordance with the procedures and controls determined by the concerned authority.

The “Saudi Ministry of Interior” asserts that these measures have been taken within the framework of the Kingdom’s efforts to preserve public health by preventing the spread of the “Corona” virus, and is subject to continuous evaluation with health authorities, and calls on everyone to sense their individual responsibilities to adhere to and adhere to these measures.

The Saudi Ministry of Interior announced yesterday, Friday, a curfew for 24 hours a day in the provinces of Samtah and Al-Dayer, and prevented entry or exit from it, as of three o’clock in the afternoon on Friday until further notice, as part of a pandemic effort Corona, “and raise the level of precautionary measures and preventive measures, to preserve the health of citizens and residents.

And the Ministry of Interior called – according to the Saudi Press Agency “SPA” – that everyone leave the house for adults, and in only necessary cases; in order to protect children from the causes of transmission, and that delivery services be used by smart device applications, to request nutritional needs Medicines and other goods and services excluded and delivered to homes.

She explained that the prevention of entry and exit does not include the groups excluded from employees of the vital sectors in the public and private sectors, whose work requires the continuation of their performance during the period of prevention, and that it allows – in the narrowest range – the population to leave to meet only the necessary needs, such as health care and catering, within the neighborhood The residence they reside in, during the period from six in the morning until three in the afternoon every day.


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