Saudi Arabia: 78% of new cases of corona were detected by active survey


The committee concerned with following up the health status of the Corona virus in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia held today its sixty-first meeting chaired by the Minister of Health Dr. Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah, and attended by members of the committee who represent a number of relevant government sectors, where they reviewed all reports and developments on the virus.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, the epidemiological status of the virus was reviewed worldwide and the cases recorded in the Kingdom and reassurance about their health conditions, while emphasizing the continued application of all preventive measures in the entry points and strengthening them, and taking precautionary measures to address it and prevent its spread, and praised the interaction Everyone with a curfew called on them to stay in their homes and not go out except for the extreme necessity.

After the meeting, a press conference was held, in which the Assistant Minister of Health, the Ministry’s spokesperson, Dr. Mohamed Al-Abdali, and the Assistant Governor for Insurance Affairs of the General Organization for Social Insurance Nader Al-Wahaibi, participated, where Al-Abd Al-Ali explained that the total number of confirmed cases with the new Corona virus (COVID -19) Around the world more than (2,400,000) cases, the number of cases recovering and recovering reached more than (635) thousand cases so far, and the number of deaths reached about (166) thousand cases.

He added that with regard to the Kingdom, a new number of confirmed cases is added to the total, which are (1122) cases, of which (874) cases are through active surveying, which represents 78% of the total cases..

These cases were distributed in percentage to 83% for non-Saudis, 17% for Saudis, and were distributed in a number of cities, which are: Mecca (402), Riyadh (200), Jeddah (186), Medina (120), Dammam (78), and Hofuf (63), Al-Jubail (39), Al-Taif (16), Al-Zulfi (9), Al-Khobar (5), Abha (3), Buraidah (3), Najran (3), and one case in each of Diriyah, Yanbu, and Al-Waddah Consequently, the number of confirmed cases in the Kingdom becomes 10484 cases, 73% of them are non-Saudis, 27% of Saudis, 77% are male, and 23% are female, and their ages range from less than two months to 96 years, and among these cases there are currently (8891) ) Active cases are still receiving medical care Due to her health conditions, 88 of them are critical, and the rest are reassuring.

The number of those who recovered, praise be to God, reached (1490) cases by adding (92) new cases of recovery, and the number of deaths reached (103) cases by adding 6 new deaths, which are for non-Saudis, 5 cases in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and a case in Jeddah with ages ranging between 23 and 79 years Most of them have chronic diseases.

And Dr. Al-Abdali pointed out that the Minister of Health’s speech included several very important information, tips and advice that matter to all of us as the blessed month of Ramadan approaches..

Renew the recommendation for anyone who has symptoms or wants to evaluate. Use the self-assessment service to apply an appointment, or inquire or consult on the health call center number 937 around the clock..

For his part, the assistant governor of the General Organization for Social Insurance, Nader Al-Wahaibi, explained that the private sector establishments should quickly apply for support, within the initiative of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, to pay compensation to workers in private sector enterprises affected by the repercussions of the emerging Corona virus crisis , Indicating that the General Organization for Social Insurance provided an easy and simple mechanism to apply for support, and in most cases, acceptance is immediate.

Al-Wahaibi stressed that the request for support for establishments is first through the progress of the facility according to the following steps (entering on the website of the General Organization for Social Insurance, Then login to the facility account using the user code and password, then choose the service request request to support subscribers in the affected facilities due to the repercussions of the crisis, then fill in the required data and choose the subscribers to be supported from the list and a message will appear to successfully submit the application)

He added that the steps for submitting the subscriber are (submitting the subscriber is logging on to the institution’s website, choosing a registration and then choosing a subscriber / beneficiary, then filling in the data and then entering the verification code, and finally clicking on “complete” and that ends your registration in the insurance online).

Al-Wehaibi stated that the benefit entitlement will be from the next month, for the month in which the subscriber applied for compensation, so the facilities that were submitted during the month of April will be entitled to compensation by employees from the first of May, and about the establishments that will submit their requests after the end of the day and until April 26, their employees will be entitled Disbursement if they applied for compensation before the end of April 30, stating that it will not be possible to disburse them on the first of May, and the disbursement will be on them on the first of June so that compensation will be disbursed for two months, and the subscribers who submitted requests for support during the month of May will not start eligibility for them only At the beginning of June.

Al-Wahaibi urged the establishments to take advantage of this generous initiative and submit applications within the specified deadlines so that the General Organization for Social Insurance can spend at specified times, confirming that this initiative has received great acceptance by private sector enterprises and the institution is still receiving many requests to benefit from this initiative.

The assistant governor of the General Organization for Social Insurance, expressed his thanks to the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques – may God protect him – for the rapid response to solve the problems and difficulties faced by the private sector, as it harnessed its capabilities to address the effects of the Corona virus and support the affected facilities.

He drew attention to the fact that the General Organization for Social Insurance had the honor of implementing this initiative and providing support to employees working in the affected facilities and was able, within a short time, to use its services, employees and automated systems to receive and process the requests of the establishments and their employees alike.


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