Saudi Arabia .. 3 options for employees affected by Corona


A new decision applied to damaged facilities that did not receive support


The Saudi Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Dr. Abdullah Abuthanin, in an interview with “Al-Arabiya” today, Monday, summarized three options that facilitate the employees of companies affected by the repercussions of prevention of the emerging corona virus “Covid 19”.

He stressed that the new decision, to regulate contractual relations for workers, requires that the establishment demonstrate that it is damaged by the measures to prevent corona and not receive support from the state, explaining that the decision came to activate the situation of force majeure within the labor law.

Abu Thanin explained that the Ministry allowed the two parties to the relationship within 6 months of the decision of the regulatory authority in the Kingdom, gradually, to take the following three measures:

– Exhaustion of the annual leave days due for a paid employee.

Alignment of remuneration in line with the actual working hours of the worker in the new circumstances.

Take unpaid leave of a maximum of 20 calendar days per month.

He stressed that the ministry has made it possible to take advantage of the temporary surplus labor services through the “Ajir” service, as the portal provides employers with flexible solutions that enable them to reduce dependence on external recruitment, and facilitates the transfer of the worker to a new facility.

He stressed that this decision comes as a continuation to implement the directions of the Saudi leadership to mitigate the effects of the Corona virus on the private sector, and in the context of supporting Saudi employees through the “Sand” platform in addition to supporting expatriate employees, within the previously announced packages for the private sector.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development of Saudi Arabia issued a decision to regulate the contractual relationship between workers and employers, starting from supporting the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in controlling the consequences of the new Corona virus.

The Ministry allowed the two parties to the relationship when the force majeure was proven not to terminate the contract, but rather to suspend it, but to return to entry into force after the force majeure had ceased.

Through this initiative, the Ministry aims to protect workers in enterprises in these circumstances from dismissal and loss of contractual benefits in the employment contract, and to ensure an accessible social and economic life for them.

The initiative also seeks to protect establishments in the Kingdom by temporarily reducing operating expenses, forming new patterns of work, raising the efficiency of the labor market in the Kingdom and providing it with the necessary human resources.

It is mentioned that this initiative is an extension of the initiatives of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in mitigating the economic effects on the private sector and achieving the public interest of workers and employers.


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