Saudi Ahly captain: resuming the league next season will be the best solution



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Monday 6 April 2020 – 10:13 AM
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Monday 6 April 2020 – 10:13 AM

Hussein Abdul-Ghani, the captain of the first football team of the Saudi Al-Ahly Club, has moved towards demanding the deportation of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup League competition to the next season, explaining that the players need a double qualification in order to return, after the suspension of activities in light of the crisis of the spread of the emerging corona virus (Kovid -19).

Abdul Ghani said on Sunday evening, in statements to the program “Echo the Playgrounds” on the channel “MBC” television: “In my opinion, the transfer of the league to the next season is the best solution, I do not think that the players will be able to play the matches directly, in the event of the spread of the Corona crisis, and in my opinion that When things return to normal, the player needs training and rehabilitation between one month and at least 45 days, the idea of ​​football is a team game based on communication, and clubs stop for a long time.

Abdul-Ghani also talked about the Al-Ittihad team, which is considered an opponent of Al-Ahly, who was in thirteenth place in the league before the competition stopped, while Al-Ahly was fourth.

Abdul-Ghani said in the statements that were reported by the Saudi newspaper, Al-Riyadiah, that he was optimistic about the recent return of Al-Ittihad, stressing that the team’s overcoming of the difficulties he is going through would serve Al-Ahly as well.

“I think that the federation will return soon, that is, a large team in the world is going through difficult circumstances, and has retreated in level for years sometimes, and this is what the Union faces, and in my opinion as long as its fans interact with it to this extent, it is able to rise, and that will be in the interest of Al-Ahly, so there is no union.” Without my family, nor my family without union. ”

Regarding his description of a legend, Abdel-Ghani said: “I never think of titles and titles. The title of myth does not concern me at all, perhaps that such matters make a difference with the masses, or they prefer to describe players with them, but on my part I do not care.”


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