Saif Zahir reveals the only player who did not get his dues in Zamalek


The media confirmed Saif Zaher, that the Congolese striker Kabongo Kasongo, the Zamalek striker, is the only foreign player who has not received his financial dues so far, while the rest of the professionals got their dues.

Saif added during the presentation of his program on “On Time Sport”, saying: “Kasongo is the only foreign player who did not receive his dues in Zamalek, and Mortada Mansour, president of the White Castle, succeeded in collecting 8 million pounds, and put 6 and a half million pounds in the accounts of Ashraf bin Sharafi and Fergani Sassi And Muhammad Onajim is due to them so that the crisis of Hamdi Al-Naqaz’s escape will not be repeated.

Saif Zahir added that the President of Zamalek sent a sum of one and a half million pounds to the International Football Association (FIFA) late fines on the club.


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