Saeed Al-Mawled: The issue of reducing the players ’salaries varies from player to player


Nawaf Al-Salem (echo):

Al-Ahly player Saeed Al-Mawled confirmed today, Friday, that the issue of reducing the players ’salaries by a certain percentage varies from one player to another, because the players’ conditions and the value of contracts are different between each player, so the ruling on this issue is difficult.

For his part, player Salman Al-Muasher pointed out that this issue is related to sports leaders, starting with the Football Association, the local football association, and club departments only.

It is worth noting that there are many rumors and speculation revolving around the possibility of deducting the players ’wages for the period of stopping the competitions, especially since the clubs did not benefit from them during that period, and were damaged by stopping the competitions, and thus the absence of revenue from sponsorship contracts, and the mass attendance.


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