Russian company develops water that destroys corona virus that causes corona – covid-19


Russian experts at Magnarel Aqua have discovered a way to fight bacteria, fungi and viruses with unparalleled effectiveness.

These experts believe – according to Russia today – that the water treated with cold plasma can be a deadly weapon even against the “SARS-2” virus, which causes the epidemic “Covid-19”.

The owners of the invention make clear that the important thing in the midst of an outbreak of coronavirus infection is to cleanse both the air and the surfaces on which the virus can settle.

Today, the infection carrier, the coronavirus, is killed mainly through a mixture of alcohol and chlorine, but it is characterized by its strong aroma and its effect on health and well-being.

As for the liquid developed by specialists called “Magnarel”, it is completely safe for the body, and by such water, the proteins are destroyed, and after drying nothing remains on the treated surface.

This technology works as follows, the compound produces cold plasma, which is a gas of charged and non-charged particles, which in turn enters into ordinary water. After that, the atoms lose some electrons and, as a result, are no longer able to bind to the water molecule.

This leads to the emergence of various forms of oxygen and hydrogen, which damage virus cells.

In addition to “aggressive oxygen,” this unique compound also destroys viruses with hypochlorous acid.

“A tenth of a percent of the salt of this acid in the water prevents the reproduction of the coronavirus. The acid itself is more active than the salt. This indicates that such a liquid will not stop the reproduction Not only, but it will also kill the carrier of the disease itself. ”

This water can be used to treat masks and various surfaces, and to spray in the air, because it is safe for humans, and it also has a low production cost.



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