Russia is on the cusp of 100 thousand injuries … novelties of Corona around the world


The number of new infections of the newly infected Corona virus became close to breaking the 100,000 mark in Russia on Wednesday, as conditions worsened in the southern Iraq district, announced by the authorities as a “endemic area”, Tuesday.

And the number of injuries in the Russian Federation reached 99 thousand and 399 injuries after recording more than 5 thousand injuries during the last 24 hours.

The following are the most prominent developments related to the Corona virus at the Arab and international levels:

– The Iraqi authorities announced the registration of 34 new infections with the Corona virus in Al-Hartha district in Basra Governorate, a day after it was declared a affected area.

– The Kuwaiti Minister of Health announces the recovery of 213 cases of those infected with Coronavirus, bringing the total number of people recovered to 1389.

– The Omani Ministry of Health monitored 143 new cases of HIV, including 42 cases for Omanis, 101 for non-Omanis, bringing the total number of cases registered in the Sultanate to 2274 cases, the number of deaths 10, and 364 cases of similar recovery.

– Moroccan Ministry of Health: Record 112 new recovery and two deaths.

Morocco: 37 new cases of coronavirus registered, bringing the total to 4,289.

– The Occupation Entity announces two deaths and 54 new infections with the Corona Virus.

– Iranian Ministry of Health: The number of deaths from the Corona virus has increased to 5957.

Spain announces about 450 new deaths from the Corona virus and more than 2,000 infections.

– Russia announces 5,841 new cases of coronavirus within 24 hours, for a total of 99,399, while the total number of deaths stops at 972.

– The Philippines announces 28 deaths and 542 new cases of coronavirus.

India records 73 deaths and more than 1,800 new cases of coronavirus within 24 hours.

– The Chinese mainland recorded 22 new cases of coronavirus, compared to six cases a day earlier, bringing the total number of cases in the country so far to 82,858, and the country has not recorded deaths for more than a week.


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