Rumors of attachment to a popular singer chasing Nabila Obaid and thus commented on the matter


Connectivity rumors have followed Egyptian artist Nabila Ebeid over the past few days, and the news has been widely circulated on websites and technical pages on the Internet.

It was rumored that the artist Nabila Obaid married the popular singer Abdel Basset Hamouda after a picture of the two spread along with each other, which prompted some to quickly launch news about them, but during Nabila Obaid’s meeting with one of the programs, she commented: “Oh no no … the response from laughter. No, my beloved, he worked with us in our Ramadan series “Sukar Ziyada”, and he played a cute role as a singer with light blood and was a guest of honor in the series.

Regarding the reasons for taking the photo that sparked the controversy, the Egyptian artist commented: “He asked me to conceive of him. I usually never used pictures, but a guest with us and played a sweet and rich role. I envisioned the picture and I don’t know what to write.”

Nabila Obeid is scheduled to present her Ramadan series, “Sukar Ziada”, after an absence from the screen, which is a joint championship brought together by the artist Nadia Al-Jundi, the artist Hala Fakher, the artist Samiha Ayoub, and a number of other stars of art in Egypt.

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