Rumors about the Galaxy Fold 2 are starting to accelerate


Rumors about the new Samsung Foldable phone (Galaxy Fold 2) started to accelerate, as a new report from (SamMobile) stated that the successor of the Galaxy Fold may be available with less storage space and a cheaper price, and it was reported that the less expensive model contains 256 GB Of internal storage space, provided along with a 512GB model.

In contrast, the first Samsung Galaxy Fold phone was only available with an internal storage of 512GB for $ 1,980.

Today’s report brings the latest information about the device not yet announced, but there were conflicting reports issued during the past year, as rumors circulated about its existence since March 2019 when Bloomberg reported that Samsung is developing two phones to succeed its original Galaxy Fold phone.

The South Korean company released one of these devices called (Galaxy Z Flip), but the second device with a foldable screen like (Huawei Mate X) has not been officially announced yet.

While Bloomberg’s initial report said the display could fold outside, she indicated

Later on, the screen folds in a manner similar to the way the Fold phone is folded, so that the main screen can be folded inward and cannot be accessed while the device is closed.

The main screen can be 7.7 inches or 8 inches, compared to the internal screen of the original (Galaxy Fold), which is 7.3 inches, and the phone may also come with support for the Samsung S Pen.

Although the original (Galaxy Fold) is somewhat bumpy on its main screen, its successor can feature a much smaller hole-shaped hole or it may be completely abandoned using an under-screen camera, the prototypes of which were shown by Xiaomi and Oppo, but technology It is not yet present in a prominent consumer device.

Samsung may provide its next foldable phone with the same camera system for the S20 Plus, which includes a 64-megapixel telephoto lens, however, the most important aspect of the upcoming device is its durability, as the original device suffered from the problem of durability, causing its release delay. For months, his screen was not solid even after making adjustments.

The Galaxy Z Flip, which the company released earlier this year, has tried to correct the situation via a ultra-thin glass display layer, but real-life tests have found it is still easily scratchable, which means Samsung still has a lot to prove when it comes to The durability of its folding devices.

He states that it is unclear when the company may be ready to announce its next foldable device, especially after the new Corona virus epidemic disrupted manufacturing and supply chains in the world, but reports generally agree that this device can be seen between the second and third quarters of This year.


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