Ronaldinho’s first statement of house arrest: I want to kiss my mother after this cruel blow – newspaper


Considered a star a ball Foot the previous Brazilian Ronaldinho, that Imprison him Then Put it at Residence Algebraic at Paraguay To use it Passport travel Forged It was «a hit Cruel very» for him.

And he said The attacker the previous at Interview With newspaper «Verse In me C.» Paraguayan «It a hit Cruel Extremely, did not I envision Start That I am prostrate Myself at Like This The situation».

He added Ronaldinho at first Declaration public for him Ago Arrest him at Early March the past With sister Roberto De Assis Moreira distance Hours From They arrive to me Capital Asuncion: «have found Myself Trapped Completely On when negligence, When I learned that My passport Travel Non Two good ones».

And it became Ronaldinho And his brother Accused Enter Paraguay In their possession Passport travel Forged.

distance Toward Month Spent it behind Bars, he moved pregnant the ball Golden Public 2005 And his brother, at The seventh From April to me Hotel Magura Recycled Rehabilitate it finally at Year 2019, Indeed at Building Constructed beginning Century Twenty at Capital Paraguayan Asuncion, And that After Pay Guarantee Finance Estimated about 1.6 Million Dollars An American.

And hope The star Brazilian at Recovery His freedom «at closer time Maybe» distance His cooperation Full With Investigations the police at Paraguay.

And he said «lhave We came To participate at release casino On Internet, And from Yes Spread Book My resume Subjectivity With The company Responsible About Rights Marketing at Paraguay».

He drew to me it’s a It was From Decision originally His return to me dullness at The seventh From March Marking Feast birth daughter.

He continued Ronaldinho: «first Thing I will do it Once My departure Paraguay He going And kiss Illiterate Then Processing What Leave it This The situation».

Faces Ronaldinho And his brother Punishment prison may be Reach to me five Years.

And she was Court Brazilian may be Forbidden Ronaldinho From Passport dining table at End Year 2018, For not Paid Fine Finance Her destiny 2.5 Million Dollars An American On background Building Sidewalk Without Ear, On edge Lake at Area Protected at Porto Alegre (South), According For means media Local.


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