Roger Federer calls for the unification of men’s tennis with women’s tennis


“I just wonder, am I the only person now thinking that it’s time for men’s tennis to unite with women’s tennis in one entity?” Wrote tennis legend Roger Federer on his Twitter account. He added, “I am not talking about merging tournaments inside the field, but merging the two entities, the Union of Players and the Federation of Women Players, which is responsible for organizing the professional tournaments for men and women.”

This claim comes from Roger Federer in light of the passage of the game in a pause due to the Corona virus crisis and the suffering of players in the lower levels. The tennis season stopped in March due to the Corona virus crisis and will continue until at least mid-July, amid great suffering for players who depend only on tournaments rewards for living.

The Players Association is cooperating with the Women Players Federation and the International Tennis Federation alongside the Grand Slam organizers to launch a fund to assist players in the lower levels and those affected by the stoppage of competitions.

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