Rivaldo invites Barcelona to focus on contracting Neymar


Rivaldo invites Barcelona to focus on contracting Neymar


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Former Brazilian star Rivaldo has spoken of the right player to bolster Barcelona’s attack next season, among the duo nominated to join Barca, whether Neymar or Lautaro Martinez.

Rivaldo, who won two La Liga titles during his time with Barcelona (1997-2002), believes his fellow Neymar, the Paris Saint-Germain star, is ready to lead Barcelona.

“Although the Argentine young Martinez (Inter Milan striker) is a good player, I think only Neymar should be betting on Barcelona to start his starting line-up alongside (team legend) Lionel Messi,” Rivaldo wrote in a newspaper article.

The 2002 World Cup champion with Brazil added: “Looking at the past few years, we saw many valuable players who were unable to play alongside Messi, they failed to perform despite positive expectations, but Neymar, like Luis Suarez (current Barcelona striker), is one of the players The few in the world who don’t feel the pressure on the field, always play with a strong character. “

“Neymar never feels pressured and it will be a guaranteed option for the club, while Martinez is a young and talented striker who in two or three years may become more experienced,” Rivaldo added.

According to a number of Spanish and Italian newspapers, Barcelona is choosing between Neymar, 28, and Martinez, 22, to include one of them during the upcoming summer transfer period, to become a substitute for Uruguayan Luis Suarez, or French Antoine Griezmann.

Source: Agencies


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