Rio Ferdinand explains the difference between Messi and Ronaldinho


Rio Ferdinand, former Manchester United and England national defender, has spoken of the difficulty of playing against Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi, Barcelona’s Spanish icon.

Ferdinand said, in comments reported by the English newspaper “Metro”: “Messi was a killer, while Ronaldinho is fictional, he is absolutely charming.”

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He added: “But Messi, he was doing all of that and it would end up with him with a goal or an essay.”

He continued: “The best team I’ve faced? Barcelona, ​​we’ve had a great lesson at Wembley (UEFA Champions League Final 2011).”

He concluded: “I was standing there watching them lift the cup, and then I turned to Giggs and Scholes and told them my hand was in my mouth, I feel embarrassed, Messi did what he wanted without anyone hindering him.”


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