Revealing the sources of huge water reservoirs on Mars


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A study by scientists at the University of Arizona, USA, showed that huge reservoirs of water on Mars come from two different sources.

Scientists believe that, unlike Earth, Mars was not covered by an ocean of magma. Water may have appeared on the planet as a result of the fall of other heavenly bodies. Experts believe that in the early stage of the formation of Mars there were two large reservoirs of water, at least, in a different chemical composition, according to What was reported by “Nature”.

This became possible after the study of meteorites separated from the Martian crust, NWA7034 and ALH84001, and the composition of the celestial bodies showed a difference in the proportion of hydrogen isotopes with other Mars rocks studied by the “CROSOCITY” rover. Thus, a meteorite “7034” interacted with liquids about 1.5 billion years ago, and a meteorite interacted with liquids “84001” about 3.9 billion years ago.

The results of the study showed that one of the types of bodies is similar in composition to bodies from the far ends of the solar system and is characterized by a large reserve of deuterium. As for the second type, it has a lot in common with the rocks of the earth. In conclusion, the conclusions of studying the isotopic composition of Martian rocks can bring scientists closer to understanding the origin of Mars and the appearance of water on the planet.

Earlier, a crater was found on the cliffs of the “Pavonis Mons” volcano. On the surface of Mars.


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