Restaurants and floating villas over the Red Sea around 4 islands in Saudi Arabia


Source: Arabic.Net – Nadia Al-Fawaz

The Red Sea Development Company, owned by the Public Investment Fund in Saudi Arabia, which is implementing one of the most ambitious tourism projects in the world, has revealed the location of a number of floating assets above water that will be built around four main islands in the destination.

The general plan of the project included the assets that took three weeks to determine, floating villas over the water, restaurants, and points of access to “two luxurious hotels”, in addition to a “luxury hotel”, all of which will be developed on the land of the islands of “Shebara and Mothers of Sheikh.”

The main objective of placing floating asset floating buoys over water is to coordinate the site selection process with marine spatial planning, a delicate balance between minimizing the impact of development operations on the project ecosystem, and choosing attractive sites to develop a luxury resort.

Meeting the major challenges associated with locating assets requires a careful coordination between the participating teams of boat owners from the surrounding areas of the project, surveyors, technicians and divers who all worked under the supervision of the company’s development team to ensure that no damage is caused to the thriving coral reef structures in the destination waters.

In addition, the Red Sea Development Company team used modern techniques to ensure the reduction of the impact of construction operations on the ecosystem, where the guidance buoys were placed in precisely defined locations using “concrete blocks”, to prevent any damage that might affect the structures of coral reefs.

After completing the buoys process, the site team photographed these marks with Drones, where their locations were defined, which will give the company’s management, designers, and engineers a clearer picture so that they can work according to the general plan of the project.

The island of Mothers of Sheikh will also host “two hotels”, one with a “luxury” rating, and the other “ultra-luxurious”, and the photos taken by Drones will be used to ensure that they work according to the designs laid out in advance.

The development of the master plan for hotels in the Mothers of Sheikh Island has taken into account the avoidance of coral reef areas, but at the same time it provides a smooth access to the hotels and other facilities surrounding them.


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