Resignation, “Tragedy Within Tragedy,” and $ 1 billion from Twitter founder


– The head of the European Research Council, Mauro Ferrari, has resigned, according to what the European Union confirmed on Wednesday, in protest of the bloc’s handling of the emerging Corona virus crisis. Ferrari, who took over the council last January, told the Financial Times he was “very disappointed” about the European Union’s response to the pandemic, which hit a particularly severe blow to Italy and Spain.

Ferrari said he joined the council as an “enthusiastic supporter” of the European Union, but its handling of the epidemic crisis made him change his mind.

He said that the strategy he proposed to fight the virus was unanimously rejected by the Science Council of the Research Council because it was unlike the way the agency works.

– Former Italian runner Donato Sabia, who took part in the Olympic Games twice and crowned a European champion in a hall, has died at the age of 56 as a result of infection with the Corona virus, according to what was announced Wednesday by the Italian Athletics Federation.

Sabia, who won the 1984 European Championship 800 meters in a hall and finished the same distance in the fifth and seventh places during the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and Seoul 1988, respectively, made life a few days after his father passed away due to the “Covid-19” virus as well. “It is a tragedy within a tragedy. Donato was someone you couldn’t help but love him,” said Italian Athletics Federation President Alfio Gome, commenting on Sabia’s death a few days after his father left.

– Twitter founder Jack Dorsey announced last Tuesday that he will donate $ 1 billion to support the efforts to fight the Covid-19 epidemic, indicating that the amount will be in the form of shares he owns in Square and will be transferred to a charity affiliated with him. Dorsey said in a series of tweets that he will transfer his capital from shares in Square, which specializes in digital payments, to his charitable organization, “Start Small”, noting that the value of these shares amounts to one billion dollars and accounts for 28% of his total wealth.

He added: “Why now? Because the needs are becoming increasingly urgent, and I want to see the effect throughout my life.” He hoped that “this will inspire others to do something similar. Life is too short, so let’s do all we can today to help people.” right Now”. This is probably the largest single-person donation of efforts to combat the Covid-19 epidemic and its devastating consequences, both in the United States and the world at large. The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, owner of the Amazon site, announced five days ago on Instagram that he would donate $ 100 million to American food banks. As for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, we announced that they will donate $ 25 million to fund research aimed at finding treatments for the emerging corona virus.

The Mercedes-Benz team, the title holder of the manufacturers and drivers in the Formula One World Championship, announced that it had developed designs for a new breathing apparatus, which it had developed, at the reference of the British Health Services, in order to help those infected with the “Covid-19” virus. The CPAP device helps patients with difficulty breathing, those with lung infection, and those whose oxygen masks are not enough. And gives the device the possibility not to put patients in the intensive care units and not intubate. The British government has ordered 10,000 of these devices, which are produced across 40 machines, at an average of 1,000 a day at the Mercedes Technical Center in Brixworth, in central England. A copy of this device, which increases the flow of air and oxygen to the lungs, has been used in hospitals in Italy and China to help Covid-19 patients with acute lung infections.


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