Researchers: “Corona” attacks blood vessels in the entire body – our lives – destinations


An international team of researchers says that the new Corona virus (Covid-19) not only attacks the lungs, but also attacks blood vessels throughout the body, according to the Dubai Future Foundation’s “Observatory of the Future.”

“This virus not only attacks the lungs, but it attacks blood vessels everywhere, it enters the membranous lining of the blood vessels, which is considered to be,” the researcher at the Zurich University Hospital, Frank Ruchitska, who participated in the conduct of this research, told the newspaper Her first line of defense, weakening immunity and causing blood circulation problems in the small vessels.

This study, published this week in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, can explain why patients with conditions that affect blood vessels, such as high blood pressure, arterial hypertension and heart disease, are more at risk of developing the emerging coronavirus ( Covid-19).

“The patients we are seeing clinically have problems with all organs: the heart, kidneys, intestines, and everywhere,” said Ruchitska. The team used an electron microscope to examine the blood vessel cells of Covid-19 virus patients, where they observed signs of damage. Angiotensin II », an enzyme found in the cells of the lungs and other organs in the human body, including arteries, kidneys, and the heart.

Ruchitska said he hoped to find inhibitors of angiotensin II-converting enzyme (ACE) receptors, and anti-inflammatory drugs that were thought to make the lining of blood vessels more flexible against the virus. “Several structures appear to be viral particles when examined using an electron microscope, so other laboratory techniques should be devised to confirm true viral infection,” said John Nichols, a pathologist at the University of Hong Kong, expressing caution and skepticism about these results.

The study provides an explanation for why vascular patients are more susceptible to infection.




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