Reports: English club Jovic may be rescued from Zidane’s hell at Real Madrid


The Spanish newspaper “AS” revealed a report from the British press confirming the interest of one of the English clubs to include the striker of the first team football club Real Madrid, Luca Jovic.

Jovic, only 22, did not succeed in imposing himself on his coach, the Santiago Bernabeu, Zinedine Zidane, in his first seasons with Real Madrid and is looking for a new club for an opportunity to participate.

And Jovic moved in the last summer Mercato to Real Madrid for 60 million euros, coming from competitors in the Bundesliga, Eintracht Frankfurt, but Zidane’s dependence on Benzema held the Serbian international on the bench for most of the season’s matches.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Michael Artita at Arsenal

The famous newspaper reported that there is an interest by Arsenal to include Jovi ،, and the current English coach, Miquel Artita, is considering annexing him for the next transfer season to solve the expected crisis of the offensive line in the event of the departure of the scorer, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.

There is much news in the recent period that Aubameyang can leave Arsenal with more than one interest, led by Liverpool, Barcelona and Real Madrid, but so far there are no official offers. Will Arsenal agree to sell Aubameyang to Real Madrid ?!

Jovic’s departure from Real Madrid is not yet confirmed, according to the newspaper “AS”, which confirmed that the Spanish club is not considering dispensing with its services, but the opinions may change in the coming period based on the desire of the Serbian player.


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